Our clients range from inventors and startups to Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and large health care organizations. We help domestic and international clients build and effectively manage intellectual property portfolios. We also help clients create business alliances and resolve disputes around the world, using our technological expertise to provide efficient client service in complex cases. When appropriate, our attorneys take disputes to trial or domestic and international arbitration. 


Tzvi Hirshaut joins MKW

We are pleased to welcome Tzvi Hirshaut to MKW.  Tzvi joins MKW after more than 25 years of experience practicing intellectual property law, including patent prosecution, IP litigation and technology transactions.  Tzvi’s IP experience spans a wide range of electrical, computer, communication and many other technologies.  He also has extensive experience evaluating patents for multiparty patent pools for various technical standards.  Tzvi holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University.  Read more about Tzvi here.

Benjamin Charkow joins MKW

We are delighted to welcome Benjamin Charkow to MKW.  Ben joins MKW with 15 years of prior intellectual property experience helping clients obtain, analyze, negotiate, license and enforce patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Before becoming a lawyer, Ben was an environmental engineer at Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., where he was involved in the design and start-up of new equipment to upgrade New York City’s wastewater treatment plants.  Read more about Ben here.

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