From The Field

October 8, 2020

Given the recent growth in practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI), it is not surprising that patent filings covering AI inventions have increased dramatically in the past several years.  As reported last year by the World Intellectual Property Organization, more AI patent filings published in the past six years than had published in the prior 50+ years.  Despite this explosive growth in AI patent filings, and despite the present importance of deep learning and other AI techniques to technological advancement, a scarcity of judicial precedent specific to AI-related patents leaves many open questions regarding whether and how best to patent AI inventions. 

MKW partners Mike Mauriel, Andrew Noble, and Rory Radding write about selected AI patenting trends and issues in the most recent issue of Bright Ideas, the New York Bar Association’s IP journal, released earlier this week.  The full article, which also includes a very brief introduction to machine learning and neural networks, can be accessed here.