Practice Areas

It is now essential for businesses and institutions of all sizes to comply with information security and privacy law and regulations. While these issues are of particular concern to businesses interacting directly with consumers, any business operating a website or hiring employees must ensure compliance and guard against security breaches. MKW provides advice on compliance with privacy and information security law and regulation and assists with resolving problems when they arise. We offer the following services in this area.

  • Advice and counseling: MKW provides advice and counseling with respect to information security and privacy compliance. Our attorneys can assist with preparing public-facing privacy policies as well as internal security policies and procedures. We can also advise your business with respect to compliance with the web of laws governing the collection and use of consumers’ personal information.
  • Data Breach Response: Most states now have enacted laws requiring notice to individuals when a data security breach results in the release of specified information regarding the individuals. State breach-notification requirements vary and the law of the state where the consumer resides, not the state in which the business is located, controls. Data breach incidents can arise from circumstances ranging from the most sophisticated hacking to a single lost laptop. Businesses need to be prepared to (a) adopt policies and procedures to minimize the damage done if a data breach occurs; and (b) respond to breaches that occur and ensure that steps are taken to prevent their recurrence. We assist clients with responding to data breaches and providing the required notice and our attorneys’ technical expertise enable us to get to the bottom of security breaches quickly and efficiently.
  • Data Security Audits: Our technical expertise enables MKW to efficiently and effectively supervise data security audits and recommend measures to improve security consistent with the size and complexity of the relevant business.