Practice Areas

Discovery may be overwhelming for companies and if not properly managed can result in high costs. MKW’s eDiscovery and Litigation Support team offers a unique combination of in-house and law firm experience. This enables us to direct clients to discovery and litigation support services that are appropriate to the client’s business and the needs of the particular litigation. We can help clients navigate this territory to fully comply with all discovery obligations at the lowest possible cost and without compromising strategic goals.

During litigation, MKW consults with its clients to effectively preserve and collect data, process and review the potentially relevant data, and respond to discovery requests. Our team assists our clients to:

  • Recognize triggers for identifying and scoping potentially responsive documents and implementing litigation holds;
  • Track data on litigation hold;
  • Select appropriate and cost-effective eDiscovery and other litigation vendors;
  • Conduct witness interviews, identify, collect, process, and produce potentially relevant information from multiple data sources such as, mobile devices, cloud storage, and structured databases;
  • Maneuver through local data privacy and transfer laws to achieve collection, transfer and review of data from or to a foreign jurisdiction; and
  • Devise the most practical and cost-effective solution for processing, hosting, and review of data.

MKW’s discovery and litigation support team also works with clients in advance of litigation to design processes to streamline discovery across litigations. Our team collaborates with clients to create customized discovery programs appropriate to the client’s business and the potential litigation it may face. We have experience developing policies and standard operating procedures, guidelines and supporting templates that companies can use to support the discovery process when litigation arises. With an established process, our clients are prepared to preserve and, as necessary, produce documents efficiently and effectively.