Practice Areas

MKW’s patent practice is nationally recognized for excellence.  MKW has received U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Law Firms” highest rating of “National Tier 1” in Patent Law.

The MKW patent prosecution team has written and prosecuted patents for its clients in diverse technology areas including, among others:

  • computer hardware, software, architecture and networking
  • integrated circuits
  • electronic devices
  • telecommunications and wireless
  • photonics
  • alternative energy
  • AI including neural networks and other machine learning systems
  • ecommerce, Internet and business methods
  • interactive media
  • mobile devices and interfaces
  • biological analysis instruments
  • computer vision
  • medical imaging
  • medical information systems
  • automotive control and steering systems
  • superconductors

Many of these patents have been useful, and often critical, for a range of purposes, including protecting business operations, attracting investors, providing leverage in business negotiations, increasing a company’s value, and generating revenue through patent licensing or sale. Patents drafted by members of our team have resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for our clients and, in one case, resulted in a settlement valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. 

We draft patent applications for filing in the U.S. and also manage filing foreign stages of applications worldwide through our relationships with law firms across the globe. We provide a single point of contact for our clients to manage international patent portfolios from filing through prosecution and issuance.

Our patent prosecution team benefits from its deep experience working on patent litigations, licensing negotiations, and pre-litigation patent analysis.  We also know how to attack the patents of our clients’ adversaries, so we are keenly aware of the difference between a strong and a weak patent portfolio.  Ultimately, we know how to write and prosecute great patents because we know what it takes to enforce and leverage them after they issue.

In addition, our team understands patents and patent portfolios, including their use and leverage, from both the law firm and the technology company perspectives. Members of our patent prosecution team have years of experience working in house at Silicon Valley technology companies in addition to years of experience at large law firms.

Our team has obtained patents in technology areas that are currently among the most difficult in which to obtain patents.  We have a strong record of overcoming 35 U.S.C. Section 101 rejections in challenging subject matter cases including in bioinformatics, e-commerce, web analytics, and machine learning.  We have also, when needed, appealed cases successfully to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.