Practice Areas

MKW conducts due diligence on trademarks in connection with buying and selling companies or products, mergers and acquisitions, as well as investments, and other business transactions. Our trademark and due diligence expertise enables us to verify registered trademark rights worldwide and determine whether those rights, which are directed to specific goods and services, are relevant to the matter at hand.  MKW’s experienced trademark attorneys also review trademark prosecution histories or work with our collaborators in other jurisdictions to identify anything of interest including the strength, weakness and validity of the trademark as well as confirm the chain of title as recorded in the applicable national/regional trademark office’s assignment database. 

Where the scope of trademark rights is unknown, MKW can identify registered rights pertaining to the trademark and third-party registered marks which may be of concern.  Where only common law rights are identified, MKW can search to determine whether the trademark is available for adoption, use and/or registration.  Our attorneys can also identify litigation issues pertaining to the trademark at hand, either in Federal Court, at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, or in connection with a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) proceeding.